ST. CLOUD -- A traditional event from overseas made its way to St. Cloud on Friday. The Sons of Norway Nordic Culture Club teamed up with the Stearns History Museum for this year’s 2nd annual People’s Parade.

Every year Norway celebrates Syttende Mai, or May 17th. Club President Frank Haynes says it's a celebration of the signing of the country's constitution.

Syttende Mai, which literally means 17th of May, is the Norway Constitution Day. So, it's the day that Norway signed the constitution that made them independent.

Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated with family parades through the streets of every town in Norway. Following those parades, everyone eats ice cream and hot dogs. Haynes says that’s probably because children are a big part of the holiday.

If you go into the city of Oslo, the capital, they have a children's parade that is thousands of children from all over Norway. They come to Oslo and they march past the king's castle, and the king and his family come out and wave to them.

Ice cream, and a banquet serving the national dish of Norway, lamb and cabbage, followed the parade.


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