UNDATED - The debate on whether to allow transgender people to use whichever bathroom they most identify with is a hot topic right now. And, Minnesota-based Target Corporation has put themselves right in the middle of it.

Target announced last week that the company "welcomes transgender workers and guests to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds with their gender identity. Meanwhile, the American Family Association is calling for a boycott of Target over the policy. Nearly 700,000 people have signed the boycott.

Brandon Johnson is the Director of the St. Cloud State University LGBT Resource Center. He says people's fears of sexual predators taking advantage of such policies is irrational.

It's an irrational fear that somebody would claim trans identity just so they could go in a perverse way into a public space to commit a crime.

He says it's a big issue for the transgender community.

Forty percent of trans individuals suffer from urinary tract infections. Why that is is because that most transgender people fail to find bathroom spaces that they feel would be safe for them to enter.

A bill restricting transgender residents' bathroom use to their birth sex has been introduced at the Minnesota State House. However, it's not expected to make it to a floor vote this session. North Carolina recently passed a similar measure into law.

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