MONTICELLO (WJON News) - Wright County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 11,065 calls for service in Monticello last year.

The city has been contracting with the Sheriff’s Office since the early 1970s, providing 52 hours a day of law enforcement city-wide.

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According to the annual report submitted to city officials, of the over 700 significant crime calls last year:

  • 284 involved theft
  • 98 calls for drugs
  • 98 calls for fraud
  • 75 calls for assault
  • 61 calls for criminal property damage.

The 2023 significant quality of life calls include:

  • 1240 medical calls
  • 912 civil complaints
  • 553 suspicious activity calls
  • 481 alarm calls

In the traffic control category:

  • 3,147 traffic stops
  • 371 motor vehicle accidents
  • 239 traffic complaint calls

In 2023, the Wright County Sheriff’s Office will increase coverage hours in Monticello to 60 hours a day.



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