ST. PAUL - Families around the country are waiting with bated breath to learn if they'll be allowed to finish the process of adopting a son or daughter from Russia.

Yesterday, the Russian Parliament approved an immediate U.S. adoption ban, and President Vladimir Putin said he is likely to sign it into law on January 1st.

This means many families already heavily invested in the adoption process - including those who have already met their future children multiple times - may not be bringing them home, after all.

Alexis Oberdorfer is the Senior Director of Adoption Services at St. Paul's Children's Home Society and Family Services. She says they're helping nearly 20 families in Minnesota adopt Russian children, and now, they're not sure how to move forward.

"At this point, we don't know if families far along in the process will have their adoptions honored, or even see their kids again," Oberdorfer says.

Oberdorfer says they understand the move to be Russia's politically-charged retaliation over recent U.S. governmental and humanitarian decisions.

She says, moving forward, her agency will be working closely with the state department to determine if families far along in the process will be able to complete their adoptions.