Today on the "Pete & Doug" show we referenced a show called "The Chmielewski Fun Time Show".  Now, I'm originally from the Fargo, ND area and we had a similar type local show on one of the stations but I'm not as familiar with this program.  I DID find a website on the Chmielewski Family, a well-known Polka band and I'm guessing the show and the band were related.  Here's what their website says.

Since 1882, the Midwest’s most well known entertainers, the Chmielewski Family, have been synonymous with polka music. Over 100 years later and into five succeeding generations, the Chmielewski Family music has never stopped. In 1989, the “Chmielewski Family Funtime Band” swept the Minnesota Music Academy and for three consecutive years dominated by winning nine out of the eleven awards in the polka field. They produced over 1800 television shows broadcast throughout the U.S. and Canada. The leader of the band, Florian Chmielewski was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame (New Ulm, MN) in 1994, and into Ironworld Discovery Center Polka Hall of Fame (Chisholm, MN) in 1995.

I scrounged up a video from the show on Youtube, and I was expecting to find some people dancing to Polka music, but instead I found this.  It's a girl by the name of Paula Shires who's disco dancing to "Ladies Night".  It's so accidentally hilarious and uncomfortable I couldn't stop watching!  If anyone knows this lady or remembers this show I'd love to hear from you!