ROCKVILLE -- A group of racing enthusiasts braved the cold this weekend in Rockville.

Central Minnesota Ice Racing held their third of eight races for the season on Grand Lake on Saturday afternoon.

The organization is in its second year and holds events around Minnesota and Wisconsin. President and Owner Derek Hedburg says he started the group because he was looking to get in more wintertime races.

It started a couple years ago. I built a car for a different racing event and they only do it once a year. I was like well I want to race my car more than once a year. So what I did was I started looking around for places that I could race. I found a place that would let us run on their oval. I said well we’ll kinda chew it up a little bit and he said well what if you just plowed your own track?

The all-day event featured a variety of vehicles including bikes, quads, and cars. Races included youth and adults and several different difficulty classes.

Hedburg, who has been racing since he was a kid, says there’s not much to building the right car.

You’ve gotta have a fire extinguisher within the driver’s reach, helmet, working seatbelts, working brakes, so your basic stock vehicle. The biggest thing is the tires. I personally run snowmobile studs. The biggest thing is getting traction to the ice.

The group will be back in action next weekend in Litchfield.


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