UNDATED -- Wednesday was a busy day for troopers with the Minnesota State Patrol, the Minnesota National Guard, and other first responders.

The State Patrol says they responded to 435 crashes through 6:00 a.m. Thursday.  Fifty-five people were hurt in those crashes, but none of them were seriously hurt.

Additionally, they helped with another 570 vehicles that spun out and went into the ditch, and 133 more vehicles that were stalled on the roadway.  They also reported 38 jackknifed semis.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called out the National Guard to help stranded motorists in Renville County.  They put up people at the armory in Olivia, because the hotels in that community were full.

The National Guard used small unit support vehicles to help rescue motorists in Martin County.  They opened the Fairmont Armory for the stranded people.

Several highways throughout central Minnesota and southern Minnesota were either closed or blocked for several hours Wednesday due to white-out conditions or blocked roads.

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