This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with psychotherapist Mindy Heinen from Sartell Pediatrics.  Our topic of conversation is trauma.  Mindy says examples of trauma could be a death, dealing with violent situations, physical or sexual abuse, or maybe a car accident.  She says anxiety and a reluctance to talk about the trauma are common symptoms.  Mindy says the earlier from the trauma that someone seeks help the better.  She says it is important to offer a comfortable environment when listening to someone who is talking about a trauma.  It is important to trust and support the person while listening.





Mindy says there are some similarities between a trauma and phobias.  She says if someone had a car accident at a specific intersection and that person felt anxiety going into that intersection that is common and normal.  She says the more someone can rationalize their fears the better off they will be.

If people do have questions or concerns about trauma or anything else that Mindy can help with contact Sartell Pediatrics.

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