This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with CentraCare Physicians Assistant Bailey Knoblock about colorectal cancer.  Bailey indicated that rectal cancer and colon cancer are often combined when talking about this form of cancer.  She says colon cancer and rectal cancer are two different types of cancer but patients can have either one and both can be prevented.  Knoblock says early detection is the key.  Ways to achieve early detection is through a colonoscopy or through a home detection method called Cologuard.  Knoblock says colorectal cancer is slow growing to early detection is key.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Symptoms of colorectal cancer can include blood in the stood and pain in the stomach.  Knoblock says treatment can include surgery to remove the cancer and that can include removing the colon.  She says people can live without their colon with a colostomy bag as an option.  Knoblock says  treatment of colorectal cancer can also include chemotherapy.  Knoblock says diagnosis of colorectal cancer has decreased in recent years with the continued focus on early detection and prevention.  She says males are more likely to get colorectal cancer and this type of cancer does run in families.

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