ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Fitness Friday" series on WJON, we see what we can do to over come the workout plateau.

By now many of us are starting to see results in our New Year's resolutions, but for a few of us we have already hit the plateau.


Being stuck in a plateau can cause many of us to give up on our new year's resolutions early.

J.R. Burgess is the Vice President at Rejuv Medical. He says there are usually three types of plateaus you can suffer from.

"One is a personal plateau and that's where a majority of our plateaus lie in. The second is a medical plateau. If I'm getting the wrong calories, I'm putting myself up against the wall. And finally there is out-of-control plateaus where we don't know how to control them," says Burgess.

He says a way to avoid plateaus is to establish a "why" and a purpose for reaching your goals.

"The most important thing to reaching your goals is to establish a 'why' and if you don't know that exact answer then you better find a support system to help get you past it," says Burgess.

But having a "why" is just the first step. Burgess says you should set these goals to help fight the challenges you may face from family and friends.

"If you haven't identified why you are doing what you're doing you can count on your family and friends give you slack about it, because they think you have a better time drinking or eating that cheeseburger," says Burgess.

Burgess says if you're struggling with a plateau to seek out a professional that specializes in the goals you want to achieve.