The Federal Unemployment Supplement Insurance program is set to expire in September.  Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON today.  He says the $300 weekly federal government unemployment supplement is causing many people to choose not to go back to work. Emmer says he doesn't blame the people choosing to do this but he blames the Federal government for these payments continuing.  Many employers in the retail and hospitality industry are desperate for employees.  Emmer is concerned that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will push to extend these payments beyond September.


The 2021 census results indicate that Minnesota will keep its 8 congressional seats.  Emmer says the demographic details aren't available yet so he couldn't go into more detail as to how it may affect his district, district 6.  Emmer served in the Minnesota legislature prior to serving in his current role in Congress.  Emmer says the block data that shows where population has shifted won't likely be available until after Labor Day.  That block data is needed to draw maps.   Emmer says the Minnesota state legislature will likely draw congressional districts between October of 2021 and May or 2022.  He says if the House and Senate and/or the Governor don't agree on the map it would be decided by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  The Chief of the Minnesota Supreme Court would appoint 3 Supreme Court Justices to serve as a panel along with interested parties.  Emmer says the Supreme Court's goal is to draw these lines with an unbiased approach.

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