Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON today.  He says the COVID-19 vaccines are "good" but the "sweeping and arbitrary mandates are unconstitutional".  Emmer stopped short of predicting how the Supreme Court would rule in this case.  He says he views this from the "right" side of the political spectrum but hasn't been impressed with the knowledge some justices have shown in regards to this issue. Emmer says:

" was disturbing to listen to justices who apparently did not have their facts and were more concerned with the policy than they were with the law and the constitution..."

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Emmer and I discussed the Senate filibuster changes to advance voting legislation.  Emmer says he'd like to see elections continue to be handled by states and not the Federal Government.  He says the Freedom to Vote Act would give the Federal Government authority over elections.  Emmer says he believes showing an ID should be required to vote in person.  He says anything that allows more American citizens to vote legitimately is a good thing.  Emmer says there is no reason why mail in voting can't be done correctly as long as steps are taken to ensure citizens are voting legitimately.

Emmer is optimistic that the Republican party will fare well in the midterm elections in November.  The Democrats hold a 5 seat advantage.  Emmer says he expects more minority Republican candidates to run for congressional seats than ever before.

Listen to my conversation with Congressman Emmer below.



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