Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON this week.  He says the $300 Federal  supplemental unemployment payment which is scheduled to end in September is taking its toll on employers.  He says many local employers tell him it will be hard for them to make it until September because of a lack of employees and the amount of money they need to pay for starting new employees.  Emmer says many part-time and full-time jobs are now starting at $15 or more.  He says a year ago this didn't seem possible.  Emmer says he doesn't fault people choosing to stay at home collecting the $300 Federal supplement because he says they are smart to do so because they can make more money not going to work.  The unemployment rate is at 6%.


Emmer says inflation is up by over 4%.  He blames the current administration policies for this jump in inflation.  Immigration continues to be a topic of concern for congress.  Emmer disagrees with how the Biden Administration is handling the United States/Mexican border.  He says the border since December has become less secure due to the administrative policy change when Biden took office in January.

Emmer says he supports legal aid services funding.  He says this is something he's always supported.  Emmer says it's important that people have access to good lawyers at an affordable price.  He says examples of need include landlord/tenant issues, child based issues, or  employment situations of county based services.

Minnesota 6th District Congressman Tom Emmer joins me on monthly basis on WJON.

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