ST. CLOUD -- If you're driving around St. Cloud a few weekends from now, it's highly likely you'll spot paintings, sculptures and other kinds of art where you'd least expect to see it.

That's because St. Cloud's inaugural Drive By Art Show will be taking place in yards and driveways all around the city.

The rambling outdoor show is the brainchild of Kelli Henry, a visual artist and St. Cloud resident. The concept: artists of all mediums and skill levels will display their works outside, and drivers and pedestrians can admire them from a safe distance.

"The best way I can think to explain it is - it's an art show in each person's yard," Henry explained. "I wanted to get it as big as I can so that people can drive through St. Cloud and just see art everywhere! And that way, the artists that participate can get their names out there for free."

The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered most public events, including art shows and festivals. Henry, who originally publicized her idea with fliers hung around town, says the idea has gained a lot of recent traction with both novice and established artists of all mediums.

"Can I just say - it's working out beautifully," Henry said. "And really, I didn't even think it would. I didn't know. I just decided I was going to do it, and if nobody does it with me, then I'll do it alone in my yard. And so far, I've been contacted by a lot of artists."

The Drive By Art Show is set for Saturday, June 6 from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Participation is free. Henry has partnered with a local graphic designer to create an interactive map showing each location registered for the show.

To register your address as a location, or to find out where you can see art in your neighborhood, reach out to the Drive By Art Show via Facebook.

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