CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON this Week for an update on Covid-19 cases at  St. Cloud Hospital and within CentraCare.  He says St. Cloud Hospital continues to be beyond full but have less pressure from hospitalized Covid-19 patients this week as opposed to last week.  He says they are at a level that they can handle.  Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar continue to see critically ill Covid-19 patients while CentraCare facilities in Monticello and Sauk Centre still have hospitalized patients that don't fit the critically ill category.  Listen to my 2-part conversation below.



Dr. Morris says CentraCare is working with Stearns County Public Health and the State of Minnesota on distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.  He says they anticipate having access to either the Pfizer and/or the Moderna vaccine by the end of this month.  He expects to be able to vaccinate health care workers and those living in long term care facilities in Tier I.  Morris expects Tier II to include those not living in long term care facilities that are 65 and older.  Morris doesn't expect the vaccine to be available to everyone until sometime next summer.

Dr. Morris says they are still worried about a possible surge of additional cases due to Thanksgiving gatherings.  He says the next week will be a strong indication whether that surge will take place.  He cautions people to not gather with people outside their household for Christmas because of the possibility of increasing the spread.

Dr. George Morris joins me weekly on WJON and these conversations are posted in podcast form at wjon.com.

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