SARTELL -- Discussions continue on how to best redevelop the former Sartell paper mill site.

Over the summer the council approved a one-year moratorium of any new development on the site and a task force was designed to help evaluate potential uses for the property.

Planning and Community Development Director Anita Archambeau says the task force has had several constructed meetings since being established.

"They've met to discussed all the I-2 properties, we've gone over tours of each property and the task force right now is identifying strengths and weaknesses of all the properties involved," says Archambeau.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting the council will look to approve to pay the rest of the $10,000 contract for the Urban Land Institute's services.

Due to the complexity of the property, the city approved to hired the Urban Land Institute to help assist in the study and providing an unbiased recommendation.

Archambeau says they hope to have the Urban Land Institute on the site in December to evaluate the property, talk with property owners and provide some recommendations.

"With that information we're hoping at the beginning of next year we can have some solid ground to go forward with what types of redevelopment plans would be appropriate on the site, says Archambeau.

The former mill property has been vacant since a fire and explosion in 2012. AIM Development bought the property in 2013 and has been working on the demolition of the site.

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