The COVID-19 numbers at St. Cloud Hospital and within CentraCare have increased to the point where they have now surpassed the spring surge numbers.  That according to CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris.  He says they have 75 positive COVID-19 patients within CentraCare with more than 60 at St. Cloud Hospital.  Dr. Morris says they have 20 people in the ICU/Critical Care Unit with 19 of those on ventilators.  Morris says only 1 person in the ICU/Critical Care Unit has been vaccinated and that person is above 65 years of age.  Morris says "most of the people we are caring for are unvaccinated."  He says 11 total vaccinated people are currently hospitalized and all are older than 65.

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Last week's numbers saw 60 people hospitalized with COVID-19 within CentraCare with 50 at St. Cloud Hospital.  14 people were in the ICU/Critical Care Unit at St. Cloud Hospital last week.  Morris says the numbers they have now are not as high as their peak which was last November/December when they had 170 people with COVID-19 within CentraCare.

Dr. Morris says they are working to get 65-plus people that want a booster COVID-19 vaccine.  CentraCare is reaching out to eligible individuals.  Individuals with compromised immune systems are already eligible for a Pfizer booster shot.  Morris says they have a plan in place to reach out to individuals to get a booster shot as more and more people become eligible.

Dr. Morris says they have postponed some elective surgeries and procedures due to the increased amount of COVID-19 patients.  He says this is hard to do for both staff and the patients.

If you'd like to receive a COVID-19 vaccination go to or call 320-200-3200.

My full conversation with Dr. Morris is available below.




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