UNDATED - A new report ranks the healthiest counties in Minnesota.

In our tri-county area, Sherburne County comes in at #21 out of the 87 counties in the state. Stearns is #33 on the list. And, Benton county is further down the list as the 56th healthiest in the state.

In some of the specific categories:
-- 11-12% of the residents in all three counties are considered in "poor or fair health"
-- adult smoking rates in all three counties are between 14 and 16%
-- 28 to 29% of the tri-county adults are considered "obese"
-- the number of "uninsured" is six percent
-- Benton County has the highest graduation rate at 93%, Sherburne county is at 92%, and Stearns county is 84%
-- Stearns county had the lowest unemployment rate at 3.6%, Sherburne county is 4%, and Benton county is 4.4%.

In case you're wondering, Carver county in the southwest part of the Twin Cities metro area ranked as the #1 overall healthiest county in Minnesota.