Pfizer has already received FDA authorization to administer COVID-19 boosters or 3rd doses to eligible individuals.  CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON.  He expects Moderna to received authorization as early as late next week with Johnson and Johnson to likely receive approval soon after that.  Morris says the Moderna booster will be considered a lower dose that their 1st and 2nd doses that have been issuing.  He says there is no difference for the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson booster/3rd doses.  Morris says the change in Moderna dose strength won't mean much for their staff besides preparation.

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Morris says they have the supply of vaccines for those eligible and have been administering Pfizer boosters for those who are eligible and interested.  He says they will be prepared to do the same with Moderna and Johnson and Johnson boosters when they become available.  Morris says there has been some research on mixing and matching different brands of COVID-19 vaccines with a possible suggestion of a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine booster for those who initially had a Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

My conversation with Dr. Morris is available below.



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