UNDATED (WJON News) -- Nine people will be the average size of this year's Thanksgiving gatherings. That's according to Butterball's annual Thanksgiving Outlook Report.

However, 20 percent of the American population will be spending the holiday alone. That's why, for the first time, Butterball is partnering with Bumble for Friends to help bring people together.

Talk Turkey Line Expert Jan Allen says you can download the app "Find Your Table 2023" to meet people with similar interests.

By signing up on the app, you can meet people that have common interests with you and then you can meet them ahead of time at a place where you feel safe and see if these are people you'd enjoy sharing a table with for the holidays.

Allen says the interest level in the partnership has already exceeded their expectations.

Bumble for Friends says their recent survey found 60 percent of respondents want to find new friends.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and now is the time to start planning if you are hosting the big meal.

Allen says you need to confirm the number of people that are coming to your house so you know what size turkey to buy. The general rule of thumb is up to 1 1/2 pounds for each person.

She says when it comes to cooking the bird deep frying and grilling are still popular, but putting it in the oven is still usually the best option.

Time and time again oven roasted is the preferred method because you have a nice aroma.  Also, when you do the open pen roasting method it gives you the most predicable results every time.

As for the side dishes, Allen says asking your guests to each bring a dish to pass will help make less work.

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The Butterball Talk Turkey Line is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. It's available now through December 24th.


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