St. Cloud School Superintendent Willie Jett joined me on WJON.  He says he is happy to say their 12 to 13 hundred District 742 staff and teachers received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.  Jett says he is thankful to CentraCare and the state for making this opportunity available.  Jett says they are transitioning middle school and high school students from a hybrid learning model to full in-person.  Full in-person learning will begin on March 10th.  Listen to our conversation below.


Jett says in-person learning has gone well of late for students and staff but moving to in-person learning has been the goal for the school district and he's happy they can get back to that.  Jett says the option for distance learning for students can and will be an option in the future.  I asked Jett how prom and graduation would be handled this year.  He says they will follow the guidance from the state health department and CDC.  Jett says that guidance could include a combination of a traditional prom/graduation and distance.

Jett says sports have gone well since winter sports were allowed to start on January 14.  He says students and athletes have cooperated well with mask wearing on the playing surface and in the classroom.

Superintendent Willie Jett joins me the last Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m.

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