SAUK RAPIDS -- Body cameras are now being used by the deputies in the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Troy Heck was on the News @ Noon at the Benton County Fair Wednesday with an update on the cameras. He says they deployed them in March and since then they've been storing a lot of videos, however that evidence hasn't had to be used in court yet.

We're storing more and more video every day and it's really nice to have that first-person view of what happened.  Often times when you get into court people want to argue about what the facts are and it's hard to argue with that video.

Heck says it is up to the deputy's discretion as to when to turn the body cameras on. He says the videos do become part of public information once a case is closed.

The Benton County Board of Commissioners approved spending $40,000 on the body cameras in this year's budget.

Little Rock Lake Drawdown
The drawdown of Little Rock Lake and the Mississippi River is now underway. Heck reminds residents not to walk or drive on the exposed lake bed.

It is illegal to drive any motor vehicle on the exposed mudflat, so that's going to be something we're going to take enforcement action against because that would tear up the area that these new plants are growing in.  You're also not allowed to just wander about on the mudflats.

Heck says this is also a good opportunity for homeowners to clean-up the debris in the exposed area of the lake. Dumpsters have been placed in several spots around the lake.

The drawdown will be in effect until September 15th.