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ST. CLOUD -- A White Christmas will blanket the Paramount Theatre stage in St. Cloud this week.

The show is based on the 1954 classic movie about a character named Bob Wallace who realizes he has a knack for show business.

He and his fellow army mate Phil Davis decide to start a successful song and dance act. David Symalla plays main character Wallace.

He says his character is too busy to focus on his real goal--finding love, "he spends so much time in work that he couldn't find love and find someone who he could put together a family with. And that's kind of what he wants. His ultimate goal in life is to settle down and have a family."

Wallace and Davis are on the lookout for a sister act to add to their show. A series of events lead them to musical duo Betty and Judy Haynes.

Symalla says romance heats up between his character and Betty. You will notice many familiar songs accompanied by a live orchestra.

The audience is asked to sing along and participate with the cast. The show runs now through December 1st.

Tickets are on-sale at the Paramount Theatre Box office.

Ashli Gerdes, WJON News