ST. CLOUD -- The Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force and Safe Harbor Coalition met at the St. Cloud Public Library yesterday (Tuesday) to discuss legislation that addresses sex trafficking in the St. Cloud area.

The proposed 2013 No Wrong Door legislation is asking for $13.5 million to fund the construction of Safe Harbor Shelters for trafficked victims. In 2011, Governor, Mark Dayton signed the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act, which redefined sex trafficked children as victims instead of criminals.

The legislation goes into effect in August of 2014.

Women's Foundation of Minnesota Communications Director, Mary Beth Hanson says there currently isn't housing available for victims.

In addition to creating housing, No Wrong Door also asks for funding that would create a statewide Safe Harbor Director, six grant-funded Regional Navigator positions, and 14 youth street outreach positions.

Minnesota State Senate President, Sandy Pappas and Minnesota State Representative, Susan Allen introduced the proposed legislation yesterday.