ST. CLOUD-- To help minimize the risks of winter, Stearns County has teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service for Winter Hazard Awareness Week.

We close out the week on Friday with the topic of “Winter Driving.” Stearns County Emergency Management Director Erin Hausauer says it’s important to make sure you understand the road conditions.

Certainly one of our greatest concerns is traveling during the wintertime when it snows. We want to remind people to take caution, if snow plows are out to stay back and stay clear, and do your best to stay behind the plows because that is where the road is going to be the best conditions. In addition to that, again, as you're traveling if you absolutely must during blizzards or snowstorms, let someone know the route you're taking.

The county posts information about road conditions on their website as well as their social media pages.

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