winter driving

Winter Driving Primer (Here Are a Few Reminders)
With the return of winter driving conditions, here are some reminders from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for driving on snow and ice, as well as how to be prepared for the perils that driving during another cold, snowy winter in Minnesota can present...
Morning Crashes Keep Police, Tow Trucks Busy
It's been a busy day today (Monday) for law enforcement and towing companies. The State Patrol's Jesse Grabow says between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.., there were 45 crashes in the St. Cloud area including two rollover-type crashes.
Winter Hazard Awareness Week Day Five: Winter Driving
It won't be long and we will again be driving on snow-covered roads and the State patrol is reminding us to slow down and give ourselves more time. Lieutenant Eric Roeske says statistics show people who are in a hurry and try to make up time have a better chance of going into the ditch or getti…