SARTELL -- A temporary discoloration in their water has some Sartell residents raising concerns.

Over the past couple of weeks, the city says some residents have experienced discoloration or water loss near the Pinecone Road and County Road 29 construction areas.

Sartell City Engineer Jon Halter says the discoloration is a common factor with utility construction projects.

We've got a number of old water mains in the area. As crews open and close, the values often time the water can pick up some of the debris that accumulates in the bottom of old pipes. I can assure you the water is safe to drink.

Halter says the city sends water samples to the Minnesota Department of Health regularly to make sure it's not a health concern.

He adds the water issues residents in the construction areas are completely different than the water concerns at the Sartell Mobile home park.

What's happening in the mobile home park is a private system and is completely different from the city systems.

If you do find some discoloration, Halter says let your water run for a few minutes and then you should have no further issues.