ST. PAUL -- The supplies of personal protective equipment and ventilators continues to be a top concern for Minnesota health officials.

Governor Tim Walz praised those who are making homemade masks and gowns to help but says they may not be adequate for a hospital or caregiver setting.

Someone sent me a homemade Minnesota Gophers mask and it's wonderful. That won't work in the setting.  That may work if I'm walking on the street and so I don't cough on someone else. So, that is a wonderful gesture but we have got to do better. We have got to ramp up production. I and the governors across the country continue to ask (federal government officials).  We need a focus like we built tanks in World War II to build these things, and they need to be done now.

Walz says they continue to request more supplies from the federal government and are making calls to the private sector for any cache of those PPE's.

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