WAITE PARK -- Questions were answered as residents of the Tri-County Mobile Home park voiced their concerns of the parks closing and what's in store for their futures.

A public hearing was held tonight (Monday) for the anticipated closure of the mobile home park, and the impact the parks closing would have on the displaced residents.

Lois Zabeti says she doesn't want to move and the council shouldn't have let this happen.

"I'm really really terribly upset about this. This should have never happened under your watch," says Savatee.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the hearing on the park closure is required by law and couldn't be held until the development agreement was signed, which happened on Thursday (March 17).

Kayla Valle says she is tired of being strung out in this process and wants to know her options.

"I just want to be able to know where I can go, and what I can do. I want to find a place to go, know where to go and get my mom in a safe place right now," says Viea.

Dan Wilson, of Wilson Development Services, was hired by the city to help with the relocation process. He says before the 90 day notice takes effect each resident must have adequate place to move to.

"So the first step is will be able to move the unit. The second part is we will not be giving anybody this 90 day notice until we found a comparable replacement site," says Wilson.

This was the final step in a long process and requires no further action by the council.

Wilson will be working closely with the residents aiding them in the process of finding new housing and answering any questions during this time.

The city plans to build a two-hotel and conference center on the property.


Dan Wilson explains to Waite Park residents how the process of relocating works. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)