WAITE PARK -- Plans to renovate and redevelop a recognizable Waite Park building is looking to clear it's first hurdle.

During Tuesday's Planning Commission meeting, the board will review a Planned Unit Development application for the Marketplace Mall property. City staff and the ownership group have been working on the improvement plans for the past year.

Planning and Community Development Director Jon Noerenberg says it's a great property and it would be nice to give the site a modern look.

It's not in bad shape, but it is a little dated. It will be nice to see it brought up to current styles, especially when you have the old K-Mart remodel, it will be more in line with that which will be a great benefit to the area and the community.

The PUD would be for the Marketplace Mall and Marketplace Annex (which includes Friends Bar and Anejos) exterior renovations, parking lot upgrades.

Noerenberg says besides the cosmetic work, the PUD gives the owner some flexibility to the remaining three buildings on the property.

What they are requesting to do is to parcel of the Fuji building, the All-Star Nutrition and Smoke Shop building, and the Starbucks building onto their own parcels. That would give them more flexibility on what they may do with them in the future if they are sold off independently or something along those lines.

The application also calls for plans for a future pad site development, similar to the Mattress Firm building.

Noerenberg says the redevelopment would bring a similar look to what was done to the former K-Mart site, which will be good for future growth in that area.

He says there has already been some work done to the interior offices on the property.

If approved the application would be sent to the city council for consideration at a future meeting.

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(Photo: GTLArchitects)


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