WAITE PARK -- After a year and a half of research, Waite Park officials have a better understanding on how utilize the undeveloped areas of the city as they look towards the future.

During this (Monday) afternoon's work session the city council was presented with the final draft results of a Land Use Study conducted by the St. Cloud State University School of Public Affairs Research Institute.

SCSU economic professor Rich MacDonald says the study presented many interesting results to economically shape the city for the next decade.

"The study tries to highlight those findings in the context on how it informs future land use. It's a ranging document that study's all parts of Waite Parks economy," says MacDonald.

Some of the strengths the study shows include a fairly stable business sector, many retail attractions, and the Annexation of some St. Joseph Township land to potentially develop.

Weaknesses the study highlights included lack of an internal school district, bedrock issues, and residents feel Waite Park lacks a local identity.

MacDonald says the city now has to decide which direction is best for them based on the results.

"The study gives them some talking points and data to use. There's a variety of things Waite Park will be thinking of over the next 15 years," says MacDonald.

No action was taken at this time. The council will look to approve the results at a future meeting.

The study is meant to improve the city's comprehensive plan, which hasn't been updated since 2006, to fit the change in development and growth of the city.