WAITE PARK -- Solar and Wind energy facilities will have to wait a year before moving into Waite Park.

During Monday's council meeting, the council approved a twelve-month moratorium on community solar arrays and wind turbine systems in Agricultural/Rural residential districts.

The decision comes after the city was receiving a large number requests over the last year for solar production in the western part of the city. Staff were concerned the city could not prepared for the long-term growth with the increase in demand.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says the moratorium allows the city to take a step back and give proper review of their ordinance.

"It's prompted us to take a harder look at regulations. We've also heard wind power is making a comeback and we don't feel we have good enough regulations in place. So this will give us an opportunity to look at that."

The Waite Park Planning Commission recommended and approved a 6-month moratorium back in October, however the council felt it would be best to extend the moratorium to twelve-months to allow staff enough time for review.

Johnson says if staff feels they have the regulations in place they need the council can approve to lift the moratorium before the year deadline.

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