ST. CLOUD - A committed group of volunteers braved the cold dreary weather to get Wilson Park ready for the Governor's fishing opener.

The dozen volunteers met at Wilson Regional Park Sunday morning to pick up trash and recycling.

Twenty-three-year-old Katie Weber, a recent UW-Madison grad, organized the clean-up. She says the event was organized this weekend to correspond with the upcoming Governor's fishing opener.

"I actually contacted Scott Zlotnik with the parks and rec department about doing this, and he said he would really appreciate it if we did it around April- May to prepare for the fishing opener."

Wilson Park is just one of a few areas she hopes to organize clean-up initiatives. She says her next goal is to get a group together to clean up another St. Cloud area park.

"I want to expand it and do more parks. The next park I am thinking about doing is Hester Park by Wal-Mart. It is pretty bad over there."

Weber's love of the environment has rubbed off on the people around her, as most of the volunteers are work friends or family.

The group concentrated on the river's edge, and wooded areas of Wilson Regional Park. After just one hour of work the volunteers had filled seven bags of garbage.

The city of St. Cloud provided garbage bags and gloves for the volunteers.

Katie Weber and other volunteers cleaning up Wilson park. (Photo by Justin LaBounty WJON)