WAITE PARK -- Several men and woman are learning what it takes to become a police officer.

The Waite Park police department began their reserve officer program earlier this summer. A reserve officer is a non-licensed volunteer who will assist police officers with tasks such as directing traffic or crowd control during large events.

Cody Kruckeberg joined the program as a way to give back to his community. He says the program has taught him a lot in just short amount of time.

There was a lot of things I didn't know, so it was kind of surprising. But I am looking forward to keep learning.

The group currently has 11 volunteers who meet the last Tuesday of each month at the Waite Park police department. Each training session is about three hours long covering police related issues such as use of force, CPR, tasers and more.

Kaylee Antrim is a criminal justice student at St. Cloud State University. She says she joined the program to get some hands on experience.

I have heard from the professors at SCSU who work in criminal justice that they love to see volunteer experience in resumes. So I think volunteering in your community or with your police department is a great way to get that on your resume for the future.

There is no deadline to apply for the reserve officer program as all volunteers are expected to keep up with training on a yearly basis like the officers do.

The goal is to have the volunteers trained and ready before the opening of the amphitheater.

If you're interest in joining the reserve officer program you must be at least 18-years-old, have a valid driver's license, can be a resident of any city, volunteer a least 10 hours per month and must be able to pass a background check.

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