SARTELL -- Students at Riverview Intermediate School in Sartell will soon have a new place to play.

District staff, teachers and parents spent the fall break last week installing a new playground system in front of the school.

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Principal Zach Dingmann says with over 900 students and one playground set on site, they knew they needed to have another place where kids could go and play.

With over 900 students who need to burn off energy, having one playground on the south side of the building, just wasn't cutting it. So last year, we started brainstorming what we could do for a playground and where it could go.

Dingmann says they were originally hoping to have the playground set installed in August, however they had some equipment delays brought on by the pandemic.

He says by adding this new equipment it will give some students more time at recess.

Some of the classes on the north end of the building will have more time for recess, because right now they do have to walk to the other end of the building which cuts into their recess time. So students will be able to capitalize on that.

Dingmann says the reason they chose to put the playground in front of the school is because they wanted it accessible to the community outside of school hours, similar to the playground at Pine Meadow.

He says because of it's location they also have room to add some other pieces of equipment in the future.

Dingmann says they have a few minor details to finish up on the new playground set but hope to have students playing on it by the end of the week.

New Riverview Playground Equipment

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