The east side of St. Cloud has been the center of this summer's road construction projects.  St. Cloud Public Services Director Tracy Hodel joined me on WJON for an update on the progress of these projects and more. Hodel expects the Veteran's Bridge project to wrap up soon and the expectation is that it will re-open on July 3.

She explained there is a gland material on the east and west sides of the bridge that provides the structural flexibility it needs.  Hodel says the glands are made of rubber material and there are holes in the glands. This material is in the concrete itself so the concrete has to be taken out and the glands have to be replaced.  She says they need to make sure they don't leak because if they do it could cause erosion underneath the bridge.

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The other portion of the Veteran's Bridge project involves the railings .  She says the railings have shown signs of deterioration so they need to be replaced and resurfaced.  Hodel says the plan is to put some temporary railings up after the bridge is open.  She says the railing project won't be complete until September.

The Highway 10/23 project:  Hodel says work on the 4th Street pedestrian bridge and work on the Highway 23 bridge over Highway 10 continues as well.  Hodel says when that major infrastructure is done crew will start the cleanup and major restoration, putting which includes off and on ramps and getting the cloverleafs setup.  The project is still on track to be done in November.

The University Drive bridge will be shutdown July 12 through July 29. That period of time is when the bridge work will be done. Hodel says when you drive on University drive on the west side there is new trails and sidewalks going in.  She says initially work was done on the south side of University and now work will start on the north side.  Hodel explains portions of University Drive have been shutout already and that will continue for a few more days.  She says that area is getting a complete reconstruct so the utilities are being replaced now.

Hodel says they are making progress on resurfacing projects which included work in front of city hall and 27th, right off Division and now mill work is being done on the north side of town near Maywood Drive.  She says these projects are on time and on schedule.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tracy Hodel, it is available below.



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