ST. CLOUD -- A new Laundromat is ready to open in St. Cloud. Tumble Fresh Coin Laundry at 1720 West St. Germain Street is opening on Thursday.

Chief Executive Officer Stephen Linn says they have a mobile app that will tell you how many units are being used even before you get there. He says the app also helps you keep track of our loads of laundry as you're washing and drying your clothes.

It'll start a timer, say you're on unit number 30, it'll show you that you have x number of minutes on your wash or dry cycle.  So, perhaps you run to get something to eat or whatever, you'll know when to come back.

Linn says they pride themselves on being the cleanest and safest Laundromats in the marketplace.

We tend to only build on very visible great corners.  We have a tremendous amount of windows.  We have cameras everywhere.  They are very secure and safe, and just a very inviting place to do your laundry.

Linn says they'll also have staff on hand keeping the facility clean.

St. Cloud is the ninth location for Tumble Fresh Coin Laundry.

They will be open seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.

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