UNDATED -- Tuesday is national "Take A Hike" day.

Steph Rothstein is with the local organization Hike Hoppers. She says even though it is November and the temperatures are colder, you can still bundle up and take the family on a hike any time of the year.

Absolutely make sure that you are dressed for the weather, so look at what the weather is supposed to be like.  Depending on where you're going it's always important to let somebody know if you're going solo.  There are just so many great free locations.

She says we have a lot of great parks for hiking right here in central Minnesota.

Warner County Park is located just outside of Clearwater.  It has beautiful hiking trails and they will be working on them for skiing too.  But there is a certain loop that you can take that takes you up into the tall pines and it's a beautiful spot to be able to just pause for a little bit.

Rothstein says she also likes Kraemer Lake Park, the Mississippi River County Park, and Quarry Park and Natural Preserve for their trails and

Rothstein says state parks and county parks all across Minnesota have seen a huge uptick in use this year with people getting outside more.

Hike Hoppers was established in 2017 and is aimed at getting people reconnected with the natural environment.

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