This week for the Tri-County Humane Society Pet Patrol we are highlighting a couple of bonded pairs of pets. These furry friends need to find homes together, which means double the love for their new owners.

Ella and Shadow

Tri-County Humane Society Photos

Ella and Shadow are a bonded pair of 2-year-old female Guinea Pigs who must find a home together.  Although a little shy at first, they warm up quickly and will seek out attention from their people.  These girls love their fresh veggie snacks and will whistle a happy tune when they hear the refrigerator open! Ella and Shadow like supervised time outside when the weather is right and the lawn hasn’t been treated!

Pirate and Slipper

Tri-County Humane Society Photos

Arrgh and ahoy, matey!  Pirate and Slipper (black and white) are still looking for a home, and they would LOVE it to be the same home! These kitties are close pals and thus would qualify for our BOGO for Besties promotion if they are adopted together. Here are some details on this purr-fect pair:
Pirate: 4-year-old spayed female.  She appreciates a fine scratching post.
Slipper: 3-year-old neutered male. He likes to be part of the activity in a home and is a good "supervisor."
These two are nervous in the shelter and would love to get into a new home soon! (Ask a staff member for tips on making that transition easier.)

All adoption visits are by appointment only during this time. To set up your appointment call 320-252-0896 and staff invite you to pre-shop on the website

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