SARTELL -- Construction on a major expansion to a long time Sartell business is coming along as scheduled.

Back in July, Toppan Merrill started a 70,000 square-foot expansion, which included 14,000 square-feet of new office space and over 56,000 square-feet of additional production space to the existing building.

Mike Zimny is the Vice President of Operations at Toppan Merrill. He says the expansion not only allows them to grow their operations, but to reconfigure what is already a tight production floor.

We are reshuffling everything because we are adding capacity and improving our workflow. Right now we don't have the right amount of staging space for equipment and so you move product more than you want too. Once this is done we will be more efficient in everything we do.

Toppan Merrill provides printed and electronic material for health care and financial industries.

Zimny says along with providing a more efficient work space, the expansion allows them to house their employees in Sartell and St. Cloud under one roof.

Part of it is getting our technology group and our service team all in the same building so when we are trying to work on customer solutions we are not doing it across sites.

Construction crews are currently buttoning up some loose ends in the warehouse, but Zimny says they have begun moving inventory into the new space.

He says over the next few months they will work to move the equipment from the St. Cloud location into the Sartell facility.

The $6-million dollar project is expected to be wrapped up by April and will create roughly 40 new jobs over the next three years.

Toppan Merrill has been operating in Sartell since 2001.

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