Some neighborhoods in Minnesota have covenants.  Thos covenants can dictate several things.  In the neighborhood I live in, residents cannot have a shed outside of their house.  Even if it looks like the rest of the house (some neighborhoods allow for that) it's still not allowed.  So people just build giant 3 stall and tandem garages.

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Some neighborhoods even have to approve the color that you would like to either paint or side your house with.  If that were the case in the neighborhood where this house is located, this really awesome paint job would not have happened.

So, I'm glad that the owner of this house was able to do what they would like so that we can all enjoy it.

This house was found/posted to the Facebook group "Quirky Minnesota Places".  The page has all sorts of fun and unique things on it.  If you don't already have it as one of your follow pages, you should do that now.

Some of the comments that have been posted under this house included "house of the rising sun". I absolutely agree with that one.  I can't imagine how much time it would take to paint this house using this design method, but it turned out very nicely.  There were a few other comments stating that it "Makes me smile", "makes me happy", "sunrise sunset".  Mostly the comments were positive.  And when you post something on social media that is usually not the norm.  There is usually a "negative Nellie" that wll be the downer on it for whatever reason.  But I didn't see that on this house and I'm glad.  It's a bit refreshing, really.

If you would like to see the house in person, it is apparently located in New Ulm, the actual address has not been given.  I'm sure if you asked anyone there, they would probably know the house to which you were referring.

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