LITTLE FALLS -- A central Minnesota family put on an outdoor festival to fight children’s hunger this weekend.

The 3rd annual Sunny Zwilling Memorial Ice Carousel Extravaganza, also known as I.C.E Fest, took place Saturday and Sunday on Green Prairie Fish Lake in Little Falls.

The event raises money for the Flyer Pride Pack program that Event Organizer Becca Ruegemer says provides food for elementary-aged kids who run the risk of not eating on the weekends.

They put together little sacks of food that they can discreetly put in the kids' backpacks when they're out to recess or in another class that they can take home and would be able to prepare for themselves if it was needed because otherwise, they may not eat over the weekends.

The fundraising goal is $16,000 which will feed the 84 kids in the program for a year.

The family is also going for another world record this year. Chuck Zwilling says this year’s solar-powered ice carousel should break the current record of 688 feet.

It's 10.1 acres of ice. 19 million pounds. When I measured it out it was 750 feet of cable. We'll see how close my measurement was when we actually pull a tape measure.

Some other activities at the event included curling, spearfishing, dog sled race, and igloo building.

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