ST. JOSEPH (WJON News) -- St. Joseph has had a moratorium that prohibits the sale of THC products in the city that has been in place for nearly a year now.

Mayor Rick Schultz says during the city council meeting on July 17th they are planning to extend that moratorium until a number of rules and regulations can be agreed upon by city leaders.

On July 1st of last year a new Minnesota law allowed people over 21 to buy and consume food and beverages with no more than five milligrams of hemp-derived THC per serving and no more than 50 milligrams per package.

The moratorium doesn't prevent people from buying THC products and bringing them into the city, they just can't be legally sold in the city limits.

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As St. Joseph continues to figure out how it wants to handle the sale of THC, the legalization of recreational marijuana is also fast approaching. The possession of marijuana becomes legal on August 1st, but the sale of cannabinoid products will be further down the road, possibly 12 to 18 months.



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