WAITE PARK (WJON News)  -- The Terebinth Refuge is holding its annual free breakfast fundraiser. The event is coming up on September 14th at 7:30 a.m. at the Park Event Center in Waite Park.

This year's keynote speaker is Jaco Booyens. He says child sex trafficking isn't something that's just happening far away in undeveloped countries, it's also happening in every zip code in America.

There is human trafficking and child sex exploitation in American.  We're talking about American men and women purchasing sex from minors, and women and men form Americans.  Americans selling Americans.

He says when it comes to child sex trafficking it isn't always strangers taking advantage of kids.

Forty-seven percent of all sex trafficking cases in Minnesota are what's called familial trafficking where its the family trafficking their own family member, or a trusted guardian.

The 5th Annual Free Breakfast Fundraiser raises critical operational funding for the Terebinth Refuge safe home and transitional program for exploited and trafficked women.

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Founder and Executive Director Cece Turlow says they are hoping to have over 400 people attend.

The Terebinth Refuge has been in the St. Cloud metro area for several years now.  Turlow says the nonprofit officially started in 2016 and they opened their first house in 2018.  She says they now have a total of three houses to help women who have been victims of sex trafficking.



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