St. Cloud School Superintendent Willie Jett joined me on WJON today.  He says Tech High School will have an e-learning day Friday.  The e-learning day Friday will prepare them for possible e-learning days this winter in case of snow days.  Superintendent Jett told me that the state requires that each school district has 165 days a year of learning.  St. Cloud schools has 169 days programmed this year which means they can have up to 4 snow days without needing to make them up.  Listen to our conversation below.


Apollo High School failed to get renovations when the school district asked voters to approve money for a new Tech High School in 2016.  Willie says the school district could ask voters to approve money for renovations for Apollo high school in November 2020.  The amount of money for the Apollo renovations isn't clear yet.  Willie would like to get public input.  The School board will hold a retreat in December.