UNDATED -- Fourteen people were arrested during a string of drug busts in the St. Cloud Metro Area.

The Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force executed 11 search warrants at nine different locations on Wednesday and Thursday. The searches occurred in Sartell, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Benton and Stearns Counties.

Over eight pounds of methamphetamine and $7,500 was recovered.

The people arrested were: 36-year-old Heidi Austin, 52-year-old Anthony Keeney, 30-year-old Justin Ginter, 35-year-old Michael Stempson, 39-year-old Alfredo Medina, 35-year-old Cassandra Schlottmen, 45-year-old Susan Solomonson, 21-year-old Brooklyn Streit-Applegate, 25-year-old Ashley Kirckof, 57-year-old David Roering, 38-year-old Ricardo Medina (not pictured), 65-year-old Leroy Theisen.

Also arrested during the incident was 32-year-old Heather Christensen and 22-year-old Delia Thompson, both had outstanding warrants out for their arrest unrelated to the drug bust.

More arrests are also expected in this case.

The Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force was assisted by the St. Cloud Police Department SWAT team, Stearns/Benton SERT Team, Sherburne County Emergency Response Unit, Elk River Police Department SWAT Team, Sherburne County Drug Task Force, Sartell Police Department, Sauk Rapids Police Department, St. Cloud Police Department Criminal Investigative Unit, Stearns County Sheriff's Office, Benton County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota BCA, the FBI and the Minnesota State Patrol.

PHOTOS: Stearns County Jail. From top left: Justin Ginter, Heidi Austin. From bottom left: Alfredo Medina, Anthony Kenney.
Photos: Stearns/Benton County Jails (Top left: Delia Thompson, Susan Solomonson. Bottom Left: Michael Stempson, Heather Christensen)
Photos: Stearns County Jail (Left: Cassandra Schlottman, Right: Ashley Kirckof)
Photos: Stearns County Jail (Left: Brooklyn Streit-Applegate. Top right: Leroy Theisen. Bottom Right: David Roering.)