ST. CLOUD -- The familiar buzz of air conditioners will be heard across every neighborhood this week as temperatures climb into the upper 80's and maybe low 90's.

Dave Gruenes is the District Manager for Stearns Electric. He says they see electricity demand rise by 15%-18% when the weather gets like this.

Gruenes says you can save some money by setting your A/C at 76-78-degrees. He also says run fans while your home to make you feel cooler.  Gruenes says running a fan can cost a few dollars per month versus $60 or more a month for air conditioning.

Gruenes says Stearns Electric and other utility providers offer energy savings programs too, where you can run your air conditioning unit during off-peak times.

Other tips include keeping shades closed, running appliances after the sun goes down and consider grilling rather than running the stove or oven.

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