The St. Cloud V.A. is offering a holistic way of living for veterans.  Dr. Sean O'Mara is the Medical Director for Whole Health at the St. Cloud V.A.  O'Mara says a unique way to build core strength to help prevent and minimize falls is to practice sitting on the ground and getting up from there.  He says if veterans practice this they can increase core strength and flexibility without having to purchase expensive equipment or attend classes.

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O'Mara prior to joining the staff at the St. Cloud V.A. trained as a emergency medicine physician.  He says as people age they need to don't spend time on the ground either sitting or lying down.  O'Mara says one day you'll fall on the ground and without practice on getting up from the ground you don't know how to get up or lack the core strength to do so.  He says if you don't get your core strength back by the time you get into your 80s it will be difficult to leave the house and do simple things like join friends and family out for dinner.

O'Mara offers other tips for veterans include eating more whole foods and less processed and fast foods.  He says by changing your diet you can eliminate the unhealthy belly fat caused by processed foods.  O'Mara says consistent walks and movement can also lead to better health.

If veterans would like to learn more holistic health and the St. Cloud VA it is available on the St. Cloud VA website.  Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable says veterans should discuss holistic health options with their primary care provider.

Listen to my conversation with Dr. Sean O'Mara below.



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