A simple way to improve a person's health is walking.  That according to Medical Director of Whole Health Dr. Sean Omara from the St. Cloud V.A.  Dr. Omara says a new study done at the Washington D.C. Veterans Administration Center indicated the health benefits of walking.  This study looked at 264,000 military veterans with the average age of 61 and ranging from 20 years of age to 84.  Omara says those that walk and walk well can reduce their risk of dementia by 33%.

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Dr. Omara says he suggests that veterans who haven't been walking on a regular basis to start slow and work up to more of a brisk walk.  He says the duration recommendation is 2 to 2 1/2 hours of walking per week.  Omara says this breaks down to 30 minutes of walking per day.  He says regular walking also reduces the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases.

Dr. Omara says once people get more comfortable walking they can start walking on hills.  He says if people can't walk without dealing with shortness of breath there is something wrong.  Omara says the same applies if you have shortness of breath going up and down stairs.  He says the  more you walk the better shape you will be in and the shortness of breath issue will go away.  Omara also suggests working on improving core strength by practicing just getting up and down from a lying position on the floor.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Dr. Sean Omara and Jackie Stevenson from the St. Cloud V.A. it is available below.



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