ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud is planning on applying for federal CARES Act money to help improve the downtown. The city is eligible for funding under the EDA's CARES program for projects that help in the economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city wants to make improvements to the streets on 1st Street South from 5th to 10th Avenue, 6th Avenue South from Highway 23 to 1st Street South, and 6th Avenue North from St. Germain Street to 1st Street North.

The emphasis would be on creating more downtown character.

The city says major investments have already been made along the proposed corridors prior to COVID-19 including Capital One, Olde Brick House and The Lofts.

Investments in the streetscaping is hoped to foster continued private investment in that area.

The total project cost is about $1.4 million. The minimum local match is 20 percent or $280,000.

The St. Cloud City Council will be asked to support the grant application during their meeting on Monday.

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